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Imagine eavesdropping on a group of offensive linemen sitting around a table, some of whom are members of the Pro Football Hall of Fame, reliving their career highlights. Think of their ringleader as one of the most innovative, respected, and colorful coaches to have worked in the NFL. That experience is what the View From the O-Line offers its readers. 

​The View From the O-Line is an NFL narrative about men who game-in and game-out absorb grueling physical punishment without the expectation of fame and media attention. These are the men who play on the offensive line.

Howard Mudd spent more than forty years in the NFL, first as a player and later as a coach. His narrative anchors this work while more than twenty contributors: NFL players—among whom are Nick Mangold, Jeff Saturday, Willie Roaf, Tony Boselli, Randy Cross, Frank Winters, Alan Faneca, Joe Thomas, Ed White, and Jackie Slater— along with Bill Polian and others add their richly told stories that chronicle the biases faced and overcome by those in this intricate and underestimated position. The reflections reveal an admirable new image of the men playing the sport for reasons beyond simple glory.

Inside stories of how careers started and evolved combine with relived battles against the finest defensive players in football, demonstrating the pride in working as a team rather than individuals seeking adulation. They discuss blocking and pass protection schemes that highlight the intellect required to play a position demanding mental acuity in addition to strength and stamina. Spiced with anecdotes that will amuse and intrigue, The View From the O-Line shows how these unheralded, modest players are the ones who truly make or break a game.

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