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"I love [The Third Team] because it humanizes a profession many have taken for granted. Lister shows the sacrifice, dedication, and sense of humor that make NFL officials the greatest in sport. He has shed light on a world that will undoubtedly educate and inspire his readers."

Bill Carollo, Former NFL Referee, and Current Director of Officiating,  Collegiate Officiating Consortium

 "Of all the myths Howard Mudd destroys in this book, the most significant is the one that says NFL linemen are big and dumb. They're big all right -- and getting bigger -- but they play a position that challenges not just their bulk and strength, it challenges their mind and heart. Howard's book takes you deeper than any other effort at getting inside the game. It's an oral history of pro football from deep in the trenches, exploring attitude, strategy, and technique, From "dish pockets" to "vertical sets" to the proper use of the "flipper," Howard is the master, and he brings all of his students into the conversation. It's a must-read for any serious student of the game."

Mark Bowden, Author and Distinguished Writer in Residence, University of Delaware

"The Third Team is an outstanding book that details the lives, the accomplishments, and character of the officials who work at the game's highest level of officiating. This 'secret society' oversees the greatest game in the world. Kudos to the author for exposing the personalities of these special people."


Ken Rivera, Former Supervisor of Football Officiating, Mountain West Conference

“If the purpose of [The View From the O-Line] was to give one insight into the mindset of an NFL offensive lineman, then consider it; to borrow a baseball term, a "grand slam." I was in the NFL for thirty-three years; twenty-nine of those years I coached linemen, after reading this book I would recommend it be required reading for any aspiring NFL offensive lineman- it is that insightful. The "true grit" of offensive line play as told by men who not only played the game but played it at a very high level of success!  

Bill Muir, Former NFL Offensive Line Coach 

"One of the biggest keys to winning in the National Football League is having good offensive line play. But very few fans know much about that part of the game. [The View From the O-Line] gives you a look at football that most people never see--a look at the sometimes anonymous men who allow an offense to be great."  

Tony Dungy, Former NFL Head Coach

In 32 years covering the NFL, I’ve not come across a coach more real than Howard Mudd, and so I am thrilled that he has shared everything he knows about the biggest mystery position in sports—football’s offensive line. Seriously: There cannot be a man who knows more about the blue-collar guys of the NFL than someone who played at the highest level and then coached at a Super Bowl level. The insights, the stories, the contributions from great players of today and yesterday … This is a book for people who thirst for the story of how football is really won and lost

Peter King, Editor-in-Chief of The MMQB; NBC Sports NFL Analyst

The View From the O-Line gives the fan a perspective directly from some of the best offensive linemen to have played. Led by Howard Mudd, long recognized as one of the best offensive line coaches in the game, their stories are not only entertaining, they illuminate the men who are vital to every team’s success. The View From the O-Line lets readers find out firsthand how the offensive line operates and the character of men that play this underappreciated but essential position. For the game’s true fans, this book opens a fascinating part of the game that is too often overlooked.”

John Madden, Hall of Fame Coach

Howard Mudd, perhaps the most creative offensive line coach of this era, pancakes the football world with the most unique way to chronicle his career. He lets the greatest offensive linemen tell the tales from trenches with his oversight. Catch up on the great anecdotes, stories and techniques in a must-read book that flows like perfectly executed zone-blocking play. 

John Clayton, Former ESPN Senior Reporter

"I wish I had [The View From the O-Line] to read prior to my role as head of officiating. I now understand the schemes and techniques that would have helped me properly teach the officials what to look for and how to view this part of the game." 

Mike Pereira, Fox Sports Football

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